Unicorn Coloring Pages

Are you searching for unicorn coloring pages? In this post we have collected top unicorn coloring pages for kids. These pages will definetly increase the creativy of child and make him a good artist also.

In this post we gonna share you some of the best unicorn colouring sheet for your kids. We had worked a lots to make it and hoping that you will like these piece of sheets. Every piece of images are well designed to add colours on it. These will definitely going to help your child to busy in a creative and interesting task.

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Best Unicorn Coloring Pages

About Unicorn

A unicorn is a legendary creature, an animal corresponding to a horse with a single horn on its forehead known to possess magical abilities. This animal is said to be nothing more than a myth in modern times. Ancient civilisations noted it as a real animal. It was contained in multiple natural history books of the period. 

The unicorn seemed in earlier Mesopotamian paintings and was referred to in the old myths of India and China. Due to famous among kids and appears very often in cartoons and anime. Many kids’ products are based on unicorns. Due to the popularity of this, unicorn coloring pages are searched all over the world.


The first remark about the unicorn arrives from the Greek author Ctesias. His work entitled ‘Indika’ (meaning ‘On India’) notes them. He explains the unicorns as a species of wild ass that was quick and light on its feet. Its defining feature was a horn about 28 inches in size that rose from the centre of its head. These horns could be white, red, or black rather than the white colour factor of the modern-day understanding of unicorns.

Ctesias got his details from his time in Persia. Aristotle also defines two such creatures from the same region – the oryx and the ‘Indian ass’. It is thought that many others also marked their definitions of unicorns from this area. For more information go to mythology.net

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